Wheat Bran

AIMS Food Products (INDIA)
is one of the leading Wheat Bran Manufacturer, Exporer and Supplier located at Gondal,Gujarat (INDIA).

Aims Wheat Bran is 100% fibre of cellulosic origin. Germinated Wheat Bran is a bulk producing fibre and an excellent dietary supplement which is not habit forming. Germinated Wheat is processes on imported double roller mills with pneumatic system and is triple refined with Swiss bolting cloth. Aims Germinated Wheat Bran is one of the best sources of insoluble dietary fibre. Aims Germinated Wheat Bran is extracted out of best quality germinated wheat after removing all impurities.

Nutrient Information(Per 100 gm)

  Cholesterol   Nil
  Total Dietary Fibre   32.0 g.
  Protein   16.8  g.
  Fat   5.0 g
  Carbohydrate   40.0  g.
  Vitamin B1   150 I. U.
  Vitamin B2   700 micro g.

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