Oat Bran

AIMS Food Products (INDIA)
is one of the leading Oat Bran Manufacturer, Exporer and Supplier located at Gondal,Gujarat (INDIA).

Each raw oat grain is made up of two parts: the inedible outer hull (the husk) and the oat kernel (groat). Within the groat are to be found the oat germ, the starch cell and the outer layer. Oat bran is derived from the outer layer of the oat groat (hulled oat kernel). See figure in inset. It takes approximately 5 Kg. of raw oats to produce 1 Kg. of Aims Oat Bran. Oat bran is an excellent source of soluble fibre.

Nutrient Information (per 100 gm)

  Cholesterol   Nil
  Total Dietary Fibre   15.0 g.
  Protein   17.0  g.
  Fat   9.0 g
  Carbohydrate   55.0  g.
  Fibre   9 g.

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